Rohde & Schwarz Voice Communication Systems to Equip MoldATSA Area Control Center in Chisinau

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Rohde & Schwarz Voice Communication Systems to Equip MoldATSA Area Control Center in Chisinau

December 31, 2012

Recently, Rohde & Schwarz Topex SA received an order from the MoldATSA, the air navigation service provider of Moldova, to provide MoldATSA Area Control Center (ACC) with an ATC communications system, including the fully IP-based R&S VCS-4G voice communications system.

As air travel becomes more prominent in our monthly and yearly routines, ensuring the highest level of passenger safety is essential for air traffic control (ATC) authorities.

Passenger safety depends to a large extent on reliable voice communications between air traffic controllers and pilots. Rohde & Schwarz Topex SA is a subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz, and a European manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and systems.

The firm has a keen focus in serving ATC, and its R&SVCS-4G IP-based voice communications system is a cost-effective solution for all ATC voice communications needs.

It meets ATC requirements for availability, reliability and safety.

As indicated, the new IP-based system uses gateways to interconnect to existing radio stations with analog and IP interfaces, protecting investments made in the past. Using VoIP interfaces in line with EUROCAE ED-137 standards, the new voice communications system for the ACC in Chisinau will be interconnected with the existing R&S VCS-4G systems at the Cahul, Balti and Marculesti airports.

Also, it will be interconnected with the neighboring airports from Ukraine and Romania by means of MFC-R2 lines, the company confirmed.

Apart from the ACC, the R&S VCS-4G system will also support the communications of the Chisinau control tower and approach. Rohde & Schwarz will be offering a secondary voice communications system for simulation purposes as well, in order to recreate the operational scenarios of the main voice communications system.

Rohde & Schwarz added the R&S VCS-4G state-of-the-art solution to its ATC portfolio in the spring of 2011. The R&S VCS 4G features a fully redundant design with a large number of interfaces to external systems, such as a voice recording system and telephone lines. Moreover, it features Next Generation ATC requirements such as asset sharing, facility consolidation, geographical distribution and virtual center, supporting the efficiency and safety objectives of global aviation.

By deploying R&S VCS-4G system at Chisinau Airport, the entire Moldavian air space will now be controlled using voice communications systems from Rohde & Schwarz. MoldATSA will receive a highly advanced, future-ready system which will replace the obsolete TDM-based systems.

In related news, Rohde & Schwarz presented its new R&S SDTR software defined tactical radio that can offer a high data rate, jam-resistant communications in network centric operations.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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