Enterprise Call Recording Can Measure Job Advertising Effectiveness

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Enterprise Call Recording Can Measure Job Advertising Effectiveness

January 02, 2013

Perhaps the greatest flaw of marketing, and by extension advertising, is its inherent difficulty in measuring its own total value. It is a product designed to change minds, to impact opinions and to work in the most nebulous corners of the human mind itself. So trying to figure out what works and what doesn't isn't always an easy task. Enterprise call recording, meanwhile, can change that, and help bring a note of science to a field more commonly regarded as an art.

The value in being able to track the impact of advertising is substantial, and enterprise call recording can offer several different ways to do so. For instance, requiring users to RSVP to sales events is a good way to start in, as it will not only show clearly that there is interest--requiring users to interact with an advertisement is about as much proof of engagement as can be had without actually asking the user what they thought of it--but also provide fodder for the reporting functions in call recording software to show which users called back and during what times, allowing adjustments to be made in the overall advertising package to coordinate with the results seen. Additionally, using the dialed number identification service (DNIS) within some call reporting software can also add some help to tracking.

Naturally, call recording software has other value besides the ability to track advertising, doing things like making sure that call center agents are putting their best foot forward as far as initial contacts go, but with the proper call recording software in place, there's a lot more that can be done. Getting a better idea of what kind of impact advertising has at any given time can provide not only an insight into what does work, but also an insight into what doesn't.

It's not going to be a panacea, of course, as there are a lot of elements that go into even a simple advertising campaign. An ad in the newspaper that didn't work in January may well work beyond all expectations if the exact same ad is brought out in May, for example. Advertising and marketing alike are just as much art as they are science, and potentially, just a bit more art than science.

Still, if there are tools out there that can improve the impact of advertising and marketing efforts, even by a comparatively small margin, it's worth examining them in more detail to see if they can work for each individual business. Call recording software has a lot to offer besides potential impact on the marketing and advertising side of the equation, and as such, should be on every business' list of things to consider in 2013.

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