CallCopy Demonstrates Proficiency in Call Recording for Healthcare

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CallCopy Demonstrates Proficiency in Call Recording for Healthcare

January 07, 2013

Information sharing and privacy protection are two very important elements of healthcare. Professionals charged with providing medical care must be able to exchange information pertinent to their patients without violating patients’ rights to privacy.

When enterprise call recording services enter the mix, it can be a challenge to operate efficiently if the right privacy protections aren’t in place. Enterprise call recording within the healthcare industry allows a healthcare provider to improve internal agent performance and policy compliance. Interactions are managed when all calls are recorded as it allows for seamless search, retrieval and playback of any call in a short amount of time.

The initial aim is to improve the customer experience, but that requires added attention to the protection of sensitive information. For CallCopy, privacy concerns as they relate to call recording are nothing new. The company is focused on providing the technology solutions their clients need in environments where strict standards guide all practices. For healthcare, those guidelines include HIPAA, MIPPA and HITECH rules.

A failure to comply not only puts patents’ data at risk; it also means significant fines (or even jail time) for the provider. Fortunately, CallCopy’s cc: Discover solution is designed to work within these strict healthcare environments. Patient interactions are recorded and protected through role-based access security, and all protected health information (PHI) is secured through file-level encryption.

Audi trail reporting monitors the required compliance procedures to ensure the right checks and balances are in place. As highlighted in this CallCopy blog, it’s critical to protect stored records, allowing only those with the proper role to access the information. This includes using 256-bit file-level encryption on the fly – a system of security that requires a correct password, key file or encryption key to access data.

At the same time, SSL encryption ensures the protection of the network when information is being moved and stored. All PHI data is encrypted before and during recording.Enterprise call recording within the healthcare industry not only ensures the organization maintains proper records in relation to specific patients and customers; it also allows for the demonstration of HIPAA, MIPPA and HITECH compliance. Protecting the privacy of the patient is essential, yet the practice flirts with dangerous lines when digital information isn’t handled with care.

CallCopy aims to simplify the process, while still adhering to strict guidelines. This includes the provision of a flexible recording platform that can be configured according to the needs of the organization; secure record storage with the ability to set granular security controls, a file hash audit trail and SSL data transmission; and auto archiving and storage that is both flexible and low maintenance. The need for call recording in an enterprise will only continue to grow in the healthcare space, while attention to patient information security will remain a top priority. Companies able to stay abreast of the related regulations and deliver solutions that attend to both are more likely to enjoy success in the long term. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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