Cytta Initiates Licensing Discussions for Mobile Monitoring Technology

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Cytta Initiates Licensing Discussions for Mobile Monitoring Technology

January 08, 2013

Cytta Corp. is looking forward to the imminent license meetings related to CyttaConnect Open Source mobile monitoring technology at International CES. The president of the organization has unveiled their development plans for the next few years.

CyttaConnect Open Source is the maiden open source special purpose cellular network available worldwide. After triumphantly finishing the design and development, Cytta is now carrying out trial deployments of the network on a large scale. A huge amount of exhilarating, yet reasonably priced and user-friendly Bluetooth based medical/health/wellness testing products and services will now be made available as a result of the initial trial of Cytta Connect. People and their physicians can now track their personal health, wellness and fitness using their smartphones.

Any Bluetooth device can connect to Cytta’s open source mobile network.  Cytta can also connect to any data generating device through Bluetooth with the help of Cytta’s proprietarily programmed smartphones. 

Cytta aims to transform the home based medical testing sector by developing a mobile network, which helps in moving the created data effortlessly. The organization has also developed mobile phone- based tracking technology in association with Connected Health Pte. Ltd. Mobile phones can now effortlessly connect with Bluetooth medical and other testing devices using this technology. The technology forwards the data to the organization’s cloud- based database and users automatically.

Cytta launched the maiden Pilot Program implementation in association with the Heritage Provider Network Regal/Lakeside Medical Group, with the backing of Dr. Terry Olson.

In a statement, Dr. Olson said, "This trial demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce costs for high risk patients through use of the CYTTA Connect Ecosystem. The trial demonstrated the ability to quickly achieve cost savings, decrease resource utilization, improve care coordination, and increase adherence to evidence based guidelines."

According to Dr. Olson, as the information and advice created by the trial were time sensitive and exclusive to the patient, CYTTA Connect and care coordination activities were considered very important by patients instead of being an imposition.

Dr. Olsen said, "When compared to other remote telemonitoring services available, the CYTTA Connect Ecosystem is clearly the most cost effective, patient friendly system available."

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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