Improving Customer Satisfaction with Call Recording

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Improving Customer Satisfaction with Call Recording

January 16, 2013

The most important aspect for any type of business to thrive, whether it’s retail, hospitality or medical, is for the consumer to receive the best quality customer service care, especially when communicating over the telephone. This means that employees must handle every customer with respect and care and do everything in their power to find a solution to whatever issue at hand.

Although businesses hope this is what how all its employees are handling customers, there is no way to overhear every single call, whether they have a staff of ten people or 200 people. Without the ability to hover over every customer phone call, it is almost impossible for business owners to be certain that the proper care is being given.

As a way to monitor and improve the quality of business, employers have the option of purchasing a call recording system, which can be customized depending on the size and characteristics of the business. Most businesses think they need to be a call center or have a designated call center in order to use this type of recording system, which is not the case.  There are companies like SIP Print, the maker of the world’s first SIP VoIP call recording solution, that design call recording systems for businesses in every size, not just call centers.

SIP Print offers three different versions of its call recording appliance based on the size of the environment that needs support. All three options support call recording features, such as fast forward and rewind, caller ID, e-mail-ready call file formats, remote access and remote administration, follow-me calls, SIP registration and multiple manager access.

Call recording systems have the ability to review both outgoing and incoming calls in order to allow businesses to review the care and quality from both ends of the line. Management teams are able to better adjust their standards by reviewing how their staff handles customer complaints and concerns. It also enables employers to make accurate performance reviews based on recordings and provide praise or dissatisfaction where it needs to be given.

Businesses that communicate with their customers through the telephone, and even ones that do minimally, can improve the quality of their services by purchasing call recording systems. Customer satisfaction and support of a business can help it flourish or come crumbling down. With the creation and versatility of call recording systems, there is no reason why businesses shouldn’t be only gaining customers, rather than losing them.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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