Calabrio Updates its Call Recording Platform

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Calabrio Updates its Call Recording Platform

January 17, 2013

Call recording is in important feature for contact centers all over the world. A call recording facility helps contact centers to monitor performance and provide training to employees about new policies and products.

It also helps companies understand customers’ likes and dislikes.

In an effort to make the call recording applications more affordable, Calabrio has announced important upgrades to its call recording platform. According to the company, these new upgrades reduce the costs associated with the call recording process, and simplify recording-based applications.

The new platform will provide enhanced TCO benefits, decreases in infrastructure expenses, and ease of use. It will also enable improved efficiency in concurrent recordings.

The Gateway recording feature offered by this platform allows users to record calls even in multi-gateway environments. Irrespective of the method of capture, it improves the customer experience on every call.

Calabrio mainly provides its call recording solutions in IP-based networks. This gives users the flexibility to record all calls or select calls from specific employees, departments or call centers.

The platform offers numerous state-of-the-art query options as well.

“Finding a sustainable solution to achieve scalability and reliability has long been a challenge for call recording customers, and yet the bar hasn't really moved," said Brian Humenansky, vice president of development for Calabrio. "What other vendors have approached by adding servers and complicated network configurations, Calabrio has attacked through a smarter software and design architecture. Calabrio's goal is to set the clear standard in the industry by making scalability, reliability and supportability in transaction recording simple and affordable.”

Recently, the company introduced its first Web 2.0-based Speech analytics application, a speech analytics program that is ideal for the workforce optimization framework. 

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