Full Circle: Recognition and Incentive Programs -Good Tools to Increase Hotel Revenue

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Full Circle: Recognition and Incentive Programs -Good Tools to Increase Hotel Revenue

January 23, 2013

Businesses in general are always looking for newer ways to increase revenue, and the hospitality industry is making a concerted effort to fill its coffers by motivating staff not merely with just cash incentives, but with awards or benefits as well.

Full Circle, the agency that believes that the key to enhanced hotel revenue is through recognition and incentive programs, dynamic conference production, motivational events, video production and strategic marketing, appears to advocate this trend as it believes that recognition and awards to staff will improve customer experience that will most probably translate into more bookings and hence more revenue.

In essence, what Full Circle does is “repeatedly puts ideas, words and pictures together to speak volumes about its clients' business,” and in the process provide a solution to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Full Circle’s latest analysis of client programs underscores the importance to motivate staff to go that extra mile. It cites the importance of peer measurement and constant communication to encourage staff to improve customer satisfaction by providing a ‘financial stake’ for each employee.

By linking targets to awards and offering stepped incentive awards depending on the level of sales achieved by staff, Full Circle believes that hotel staff will be motivated to work harder to reach the stipulated goals. Of course, to avoid in-competition between agents, the awards should be offered to all staff.

Going a step further, Full Circle expects to have a ROI template in place, which will project the kind of return that clients can expect for a given investment. More importantly, it states that if the hotel’s budget provides for peer measurement and continuous communication, their investment levels need not be large.

“It is this, and not reward, that is the key element of any recognition and incentive program” commented Victor Tardieu of Full Circle Motivation.

Typically, hotel managers do offer sales training and call monitoring to ensure that their staff provides quality service, but today, they need to go beyond performance monitoring and offering cash incentives, if they want to achieve the same result.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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