A Bright Future is Predicted for Cisco by Next Inning Technology

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A Bright Future is Predicted for Cisco by Next Inning Technology

February 13, 2013

One of the most helpful ways for technology companies to meet the demands of consumers is to use the latest research from the industry to discover hot trends on the market, and with the help of IBM analytics, anything from fashion to call center software can be predicted.

Thanks to the latest findings from Next Inning Technology Research, an online investment newsletter focused on technology stocks, the finances of several technology companies were used to predict the next market trend. Each quarter, Next Inning publishes weekly earnings for dozens of stocks and gives both long and short-tem options.

In a new 15-page report discussing Cisco Systems, Applied Materials, EZchip Semiconductor, NetApp, and Nvidia, Editor Paul McWilliams found that there is a bright future ahaead for Q4 earnings.

His findings revealed the following: Cree (up 33 percent year to date), PMC Sierra (up 25 percent year to date), QLogic (up 21 percent year to date) and Skyworks (up 18 percent year to date); was bearish on Cypress (down seven percent year to date) and Atmel (flat year to date, but down after it reported earnings).

Next Inning also spent time discussing big time technology companies such as Cisco. McWilliams said that Wall Street was wrong when it pushed Cisco’s price under $15 last July, adding that “it should be viewed as a buying opportunity.” 

Which leaves companies like DailyMarkets.com with questions like: Does McWilliams believe the stock is still trading at an attractive price? Is Cisco poised for above-trend growth in 2013? What specifically does McWilliams see changing for Cisco in 2013, and how does he think those changes will impact the price of Cisco’s stock?

This prediction for Cisco puts it in a flattering place on the stock market, as well as in the industry and for consumers. It also brings to light how important it is to use the statistics from the stock market to better understand how technology is moving forward.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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