Acoustic Extends Collaboration with Tensilica to Deliver HD Voice to Mobile Market

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Acoustic Extends Collaboration with Tensilica to Deliver HD Voice to Mobile Market

February 13, 2013

Acoustic Technologies – a provider of voice processing solutions – has extended its collaboration with Tensilica Inc. - a licensor of audio/voice digital signal processing (DSP) cores – to deliver a complete wideband HD voice processing solution for smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices.

As quoted in a press release, Tensilica's HiFi audio/voice DSP cores and Acoustic Technologies' SoundClear Voice software solution will together start shipping in major smartphones and other mobile devices and accessory products to provide optimal speech intelligibility.

Tensilica's HiFi audio/voice DSPs are IP cores that have been licensed by more than 50 customers including many semiconductor manufacturers and system OEMs. These DSPs support more than 100 audio/voice software packages with efficient processing at low power. These cores are part of the company’s line of dataplane processors (DPUs) that are capable of doing compute-intensive tasks in SOC designs.

According to Acoustic, its wideband SoundClear Voice software has been optimized for Tensilica's HiFi family of DSP cores to provide advanced multi-mic noise reduction and full-duplex speakerphone performance.

Acoustic’s SoundClear is a brand of patented full-duplex communication, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and speech enhancement solutions. The voice processing solution can deliver high quality voice performance in handset, speakerphone and headset modes. The HD multi-mic noise cancellation was possible due to the company’s InstantAdapt feature, dynamic microphone balancing technology and FlexEQ equalization to deliver clear speech anywhere.

In addition, Acoustic’s SoundClear Voice solution facilitates for wideband voice processing that doubles the sampling rate of narrowband voice to deliver expanded frequency response at both lower and upper ends of the voice spectrum. This helps in improving voice quality as well as the user experience on mobile networks that have deployed HD voice and for VoIP applications, considerably.

In addition, the SoundClear Voice solution facilitates for improvements in sound fidelity and clear speech, which in turn improves recognition rates in noise for ASR (automatic speech recognition) applications. These features in total allows SoundClear to provide natural, clear audio for smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well as for Bluetooth headsets, speakerboxes, car radios, GPS navigation devices, and hands-free kits.

"Acoustic's SoundClear Voice solutions are broadly adopted by leading consumer electronics vendors," said Larry Przywara, senior director of multimedia marketing at Tensilica, in a statement. "Their HD voice solution ensures mobile users get the best possible call quality as network operators and mobile device makers rollout wideband HD voice on their networks." 

"The HiFi DSPs are ideal for running our advanced HD voice solutions for smartphones requiring best-in-class multi-mic noise reduction and speakerphone performance," said Bob Ackmann, CEO of Acoustic Technologies, in a statement. "The HiFi DSPs offer leading DSP performance, low power and high quality tools that enable us to deliver optimized wideband voice solutions to our customers."

In recent news as reported by TMCnet, Tensilica introduced HiFi Mini DSP core to offer support to voice trigger and speech command modes. These cores are optimized for the smallest area and lowest power in smartphones, tablets, appliances, and automotive applications.

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