One Stop Voice Streamlines Communications for Allen Companies

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One Stop Voice Streamlines Communications for Allen Companies

February 21, 2013

One Stop Voice has streamlined communications for Mesa, AZ-based builder, Allen Companies.

The cloud communications and hosted VoIP solutions provider has also improved efficiency and achieved cost savings for its client, and to this end, transitioned from a traditional POTS system to an innovative cloud-hosted VoIP system.

“Initially, I was skeptical of using VoIP phones because I thought the technology was inconsistent and unreliable. However, after working with TCO and One Stop Voice, I am a true believer,” said Allen Companies managing member, Jeremy Felstead. “Not only did they fix my networking problems, but they reduced my monthly telecom cost and made it easier for our clients and tenants to communicate with us.”

Allen Companies, and its telecom broker TCO, contracted One Stop Voice to develop a more streamlined and updated communications system. The builder was experiencing growth in business and was challenged by multiple networks and jumbled cables due to the addition of four tenants in their building.

One Stop Voice combined all networks into one efficient and structured solution for Allen Companies, which is leveraging features such as ‘call attendant and find me’ to streamline the communication process for the company, its employees and customers.

"I applaud forward-thinking companies like TCO and Allen Companies who are willing to embrace VoIP technology and therefore reap its many benefits; primarily efficiency, flexibility and cost savings," added One Stop Voice executive, Joshua Simon.

One Stop Voice provides inexpensive yet high-quality VoIP and Cloud Communications-as-a-Service (CCaaS) to companies throughout the nation. The company was in the news earlier this year for announcing that it will add staff in 2013.

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