TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

February 23, 2013

Though when you hear “call recording” you may immediately start to back away, thinking of your privacy and who may be invading it, the technology has actually become a helpful, efficient and necessary application for many companies. Call recording solutions help organizations train customer agents and meet regulatory compliance to help make their business a success.

This week in the call recording space, we explored the best opportunities to record phone calls. Call recording is not something that should be done randomly and recklessly. Many states have laws against recording calls without the other party’s knowledge and consent, and if the calls aren’t being recorded for some purpose, you’re just wasting money.

One key to effective call monitoring is to make the objectives clear to all stakeholders. Internal agents and vendor agents should not perceive call monitoring as some vaguely threatening overlord. Instead, agents should know exactly what managers look for when they monitor a call. In essence, agents then have the answers to the exam. They’re more likely to follow correct procedures when they know exactly what their supervisors want to hear.

Bio-pharma companies have a big problem as they settle into 2013. In the first half of 2012, venture capital for the industry plunged by 42 percent. Without venture backing, an innovative industry like bio-pharma suffers. Bio-pharma companies can’t afford to lose more money by either alienating customers or giving up unnecessary fines for lack of compliance in the call center. Proactive call monitoring in bio-pharma call centers, according to call center consulting firm CenterFirst, can raise compliance and call quality by as much as 75 percent.

One Stop Voice, a cloud communications and hosted VoIP solutions provider, streamlined communications for Mesa, AZ-based builder, Allen Companies and improved efficiency and achieved cost savings for Allen Companies, transitioning it from a traditional POTS system to an innovative cloud-hosted VoIP system.

“Initially, I was skeptical of using VoIP phones because I thought the technology was inconsistent and unreliable. However, after working with TCO and One Stop Voice, I am a true believer,” said Allen Companies managing member, Jeremy Felstead. “Not only did they fix my networking problems, but they reduced my monthly telecom cost and made it easier for our clients and tenants to communicate with us.”

In other news, contractors are using eFax and eVoice from j2 Global to boost work productivity while keeping costs down. j2 Global provides Internet services through its two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Media. eVoice is a business phone service for mobile professionals, which ensures that important calls get answered and low-priority calls are at least subject to voicemail. Messages received via voicemail are transcribed and delivered as text messages or e-mails to the contractors. j2 Global’s eFax service provides contractors with local and toll-free  fax numbers.

TeleWare, a U.K.-based communication vendor that develops computer telephony software for communication solutions, released a new application to make its mobile recording functionality more accessible. The newly released application provides streamlined access to store call records. Users will now be able to access data through TeleWare Mobile, as well as by TeleWare Mobile Compliance Call Recording and SMS auditing suites.

The call recording space is continuing to gain popularity and grow, which is reflected each week on the call recording community. Stay tuned for the latest in industry news, resources and trends.

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