CTI Group (Holdings) Introduces Mobile Communication Recording Solution

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CTI Group (Holdings) Introduces Mobile Communication Recording Solution

February 26, 2013

As companies carry out a large part of their communication process on mobile devices, mobile call recording is quickly becoming an important aspect of a company’s business. A good mobile call recording plan helps companies to improve its relationship with customers and realize more profit.

Looking to improve its SmartInteraction Suite, CTI Group has introduced a mobile communication recording solution. The company will unveil this product at Mobile World Congress 2013, currently underway.

The mobile communication recording solutions offered by the firm are ideal for both mobile operators and enterprises. Apart from recording voice calls made on these devices, the mobile communication recording solution also allows users to store other communication formats such as SMS/MMS.

Enterprise solutions offered by CTI Group support various operating systems, including iOS, Android and Blackberry. This new offering by the company will be delivered as a value-added service.

SmartInteraction Suite enhances the call handling set of options. This solution is ideal for PCI DSS regulated calls as it helps users to meet their PCI DSS compliance needs.

This suite can be used by numerous service providers as part of their voice services.

“Mobile communication recording is essential for business continuity and protection given that mobile devices, remote working, disaster recovery planning, and the trend for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are all driving fundamental change in the way we communicate,” said John Birbeck, CEO at CTI Group. “So much business is now conducted from mobile devices that it is imperative for companies to combine mobile recording with their existing fixed line recording in order to benefit from the analytical value of the content of communications and to provide liability protection.”

In 2011, the company introduced an advanced version of its Analysis 7 (A7) e-billing and analytics solution.

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