ISI Unveils Integrated Solution for Call Reporting and Call and Video Recording

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ISI Unveils Integrated Solution for Call Reporting and Call and Video Recording

February 26, 2013

The numerous technological advancements in communication infrastructure, equipment and online tools have changed call reporting and video recording.

Distinct from call logging and tracking devices, call and video recording are proving useful for the companies of all sizes, no matter what industry they work in. Call recording is becoming crucial, with technology changing and working habits becoming more mobile.

ISI Telemanagement Solutions Inc. has released its newest solution offering: Infortel Select's Call Reporting integrated with Verba’s Call & Video Recording solution. The company is a provider of telecom management solutions to thousands of organizations around the world that seek to control telecom costs, improve network management and monitoring and increase productivity and revenue.

By combining Infortel Select with Verba Call & Video Recording, users have the ability to pair call activities with actual recordings of the call. The integration of the two call recording solutions will allow users to track where calls are coming from and going to, their duration, jurisdiction information and other critical call details information, giving organization a better picture of all interactions.

“Both Infortel Select Call Reporting and Verba’s Call/Video Recording tools are amazing solutions on their own, so combining them together offers the best of both worlds. This collaboration is what separates ISI from everyone else in the marketplace,” said Kathy Learnan, director of Product Development at ISI, in a statement. “For the first time ever, both of these solutions can be streamlined together to ensure a company gets the information it needs to make proper business decisions and optimize operations.”

ISI's Solutions offers time-proven technologies to report and record on your voice and video communications, including wireless and landline call accounting and reporting, telecom audit & optimization, call and video call recording, invoice and inventory management and wireless management.

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