TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

March 09, 2013

As call recording becomes a more essential technology for businesses across multiple industries, there is more news to keep up with every day. Here are the top stories in the call recording space you may have missed this week.

DVDVideoSoft, a provider of software to convert and edit video of different formats, introduced a free video call recording application exclusively for Skype, making it the first free Skype video call recording in the world. These video and audio conversations can then be saved onto a PC. The program operates in three modes: a picture-in-picture mode that records video and audio of everyone involved, an "only video" of other participants and "only audio" of conversation participants.

Drishti has released an enhanced version of its AMEYO offering, which has now been incorporated with the Voicelog Archiver, used to archive voice logs. The latest release will help in improving customer satisfaction, as voice logs are very crucial for quality tracking and administration. Apart from administering voice logs and archiving them to remote servers, the system offers a user interface for tracking applications. The disk space at the archive server can also be tracked by the voice log archiver, which sends e-mail alerts in case of inadequate space. Records can be searched using various filters like date, campaign, agent, custom ID, customer phone number, queue and leads.

VirtualLogger, a provider of call recording and quality monitoring solutions, unveiled its latest recording service, RecordingMagic, which promises to bring call quality management capabilities that large centers enjoy down to the small offices very affordably. This recording service works with any softphone client running on a Windows PC, regardless of call control protocol or the use of encryption. It also works with PBX systems and VoIP phones.

Companies turning to call recording aren’t limited to enterprises in the tech world. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the Obama administration regarding challenges to the warrantless wiretapping law that was first enacted back in 2008. Lawyers and civil rights activists contended that the law violates the Constitution by allowing the monitoring of international communications by Americans who aren't suspected of criminal activities, with minimal court supervision.

However, Supreme Court justices said that the groups and people represented by the American Civil Liberties Union — including Amnesty International, lawyers, international rights activists and journalists — hadn't shown that they were harmed in any way by the surveillance. The ruling didn't address the lawfulness of the wiretapping law itself, however, just that the ACLU and its partners lack the legal standing to pursue their suit. 

As different organizations are coming up with innovations to help with call recording practices, there are a lot of options to choose from. The challenge in the corporate environment is selecting the right solution to fit a business’ needs. A recent Mind Prints report examined important factors to remember when purchasing a call recording solution. While some managers may be tempted to purchase a solution based on low cost alone, they may actually waste resources by trying to make the solution fit their environment. It’s important to first understand the needs of the organization and then select a solution that meets those needs.

During a recent podcast, Avaya Tech Talk host Guy Clinch had a chance to speak with Voice Print International's (VPI) VP of Workforce Optimization, Patrick Botz, about a multitude of topics, including testing the National Emergency Number Association's (NENA) Next Generation 9-1-1 and the impact it is having on communications recording. For VPI, recording systems play a significant role in Next Gen 9-1-1. “Regardless of call media type being transferred – whether it’s via phone call, text, video or IM – the media is converted to SIP signaling within the originating network,” said Botz.

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