Call Recording Week in Review

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Call Recording Week in Review

February 22, 2014

With more and more businesses communicating directly with consumers, it’s crucial to ensure that companies meet compliance standards—and in light of the lingering NSA scandal, security has never been so important to the general public. For this reason, companies continue to turn to call recording solutions, not only to meet compliance requirements, but to also achieve the best customer service possible. So, as another busy week draws to a close, and with the weekend upon us, now is a great time to catch up on the latest in call recording news.

It can be tough for call recording companies to differentiate themselves these days, as new contenders enter the space on a regular basis. One company, OAISYS, which deals in business call recording and contact center management solutions, announced this week that it was named among TMC’s CUSTOMER 2014 Product of the Year Awards, recognized for version 7.4 of its Tracer and Talkument call recording solution.

Talkument call recording software provides businesses with complete control over risk management, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns, while Tracer call center management and quality monitoring software features call monitoring functionality that ensures recorded phone calls are readily available for dispute resolution and transaction verification.

It was a busy week for OAISYS, as the company also announced this week that Yankee Leisure Group, a national travel provider, has found increased sales in its contact center after employing OAISYS Tracer. Yankee wanted to use call recording methods to better understand what customers were seeking and how sales agents responded. The firm wanted improved customer service and agent training, and wanted to be able to offer travel products based on customer desires.

“OAISYS Tracer call recording and monitoring functionality has helped us meet our goals of truly understanding client-agent communication," John Tavano, CEO of Yankee Leisure Group, said in a recent statement. "Using OAISYS Tracer, we are able to listen to client calls and establish best practices to support our sales and service efforts. As a result, OAISYS Tracer has improved our sales conversion rate."

In other news this week, Insight Research released a market analysis study, "U.S. Wireless & Wireline Voice: Threats and Opportunities, 2013-2018.” The study projects that wireline and wireless voice revenues will decline at a 4.8 percent annual rate. This may not be good news for voice carriers, but it could pave the way for a rise in VoIP services—and VoIP call recording. Insight Research finds that, although the U.S. telecommunications service market will continue to grow over the next few years, incumbent voice service providers are making efforts to retain customers that now seek the most advanced data and video services that can support VoIP, which operates over the Internet rather than through a voice plan.

As VoIP appears ready to make waves in the voice market, call recording in all forms continues to make political headlines. Recently, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had an off-color conversation with the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, which was “somehow” captured and posted to the Internet by a Russian agent. The most likely method was call recording, which just goes to show that—while the technology is wonderful when used responsibly—it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Despite the fact that this is pure politics, Nuland has alluded to the fact that she thinks it was not a microphone in her room or some sort of long-range recording device. She believes it was a wiretap from someone with control over their telecommunications.

It was a very busy week in the call recording space, and this review is just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to check back here for all the latest news in the industry.

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