New Call Recording Software from AIS Group

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New Call Recording Software from AIS Group

May 16, 2014

A lot of data passes through call centers, especially those that are in the business of providing insurance. This is because thousands of customers call everyday for information, questions and claims. As a result, insurance companies are burdened with excess amounts of information and this entails larger space for storing these calls. Unfortunately, these calls have to be recorded to resolve disputes, improve customer service, increase security and to meet government regulations. However, this need for recording results in high overhead costs for the IT department.

To help companies reduce this excess storage cost, AIS group has come up with a new call recording software. The unique aspect about this software is that it allows call handlers to tag the call, which means, it is now possible to distinguish the important calls from the unimportant ones. Based on this distinction, companies can choose the next course of action for each call. In the case of calls related to claims, companies can archive it in a storage system as government regulations mandate that this information should be in the system for a minimum period of seven years. On the other hand, calls for information can be stored in a temporary device for evaluating the customer service representative, and it can be purged after three months.

This new software was released by the AIS group two months ago, and already it has generated much interest among insurance and other companies that experience high call volumes. This software uses Microsoft Windows 7 and OS 2008 server. It connects to the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform to make it easy for companies to archive data for seven years.

Going forward, this call recording software from AIS is expected to help companies save money in terms of storage space, without compromising on their internal processes and service quality. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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