Call Recording Assurance Helps Improve Contact Center Performance

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Call Recording Assurance Helps Improve Contact Center Performance

June 11, 2014

While many may think of contact centers as dealing primarily with phone systems, the technologies that support these hubs of communication are becoming increasingly varied and advanced. Call recording and workforce optimization solutions, speech analytics, omnichannel presence and more are being incorporated into the modern contact center.

Integrated Research offers proactive performance management software for critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems. Recently, the company announced new software intended to solve major contact center system failings, while at the same time driving everything from revenue to customer satisfaction. The innovative call recording assurance software is being released with a range of application performance management features in a new contact center version of its award-winning Prognosis software.

According to John Dunne, general manager of products and alliances at Integrated Research, the company’s call recording assurance technology ensures customer calls within contact centers are recorded and playable to comply with government regulations.

"For businesses in financial services and healthcare in particular, this minimizes the risk of being fined, which can be over $2,000 for each call that fails to be recorded and archived, or losing their license to operate," Dunne added.

The newly released software helps businesses to instantly resolve problems such as dropped calls, as well as slow voice recognition response times and poor voice quality, before they disturb contact center services and availability.

In addition, the software will enable call centers to manage their performance of applications such as voice recognition, call distribution, computer telephony integration, and outbound dialing systems, without any delay.

“Your contact centers may effectively be your customer service 'front door.' Prognosis for Contact Center can minimize the risk of bad experiences driving new and existing customers to your rivals," said Darc Rasmussen, CEO of Integrated Research.

The growing complexity of contact centers relies on interconnected servers, applications and processes. As a result, it can become difficult to pinpoint where issues lie. Prognosis and other similar solutions are designed to help isolate root causes and provide a common language, enabling disparate teams to achieve effective cross-team communication.

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