SessionTalk Adds Call Recording to Messaging App for Android

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SessionTalk Adds Call Recording to Messaging App for Android

June 25, 2014

Mobile VoIP is an efficient, low-cost way to communicate; in fact, several apps have been deployed to exploit this technology for person-to-person communications (calling and texting, for example) via the cellular data networks EDGE, 3G, CDMA, or via Wi-Fi. Consumers can take advantage of additional, integrated features that mobile VoIP apps offer (e.g., Skype is also used for instant messaging and video chat) to stay connected anywhere they go.

Like so many other technologies these days, VoIP has also gone mobile. In fact, recent data from Juniper Research suggests that mobile VoIP will be used by one billion subscribers by 2017. SIP-enabled phones, available as softphone or IP PBX solutions, are also being deployed today to provide the wireless VoIP telephony services needed by contact centers, SMBs and other organizations to increase customer satisfaction and improve performance while maintaining compliance.

Today’s VoIP systems use SIP trunking to control the communications sessions; it carries voice calls, video, and other streaming media applications without the need for an IP-PSTN gateway. VoIP offers a vast array of additional features: call recording tools, for example. SIP Print call recording is capable of listening for VoIP traffic on a network; phone calls and conversations can be recorded and saved for later use. This comes handy to improve processes and procedures, if not for legal and compliance regulations. 

In the mobile VoIP industry, those exploring SIP and VoIP options will come across multiple vendors; a provider with custom SIP apps and softphones for clients worldwide is SessionTalk Ltd. This is a U.K.-based mobile software development company that, on Monday, released Version 2.3 of the SessionTalk Softphone for Android, which adds call recording to an already impressive list of features, including HD audio and G.729A codec, for the business user; other features add in call transfer and call conferencing, which makes this app appealing to consumers.

The SessionTalk VoIP SIP Phone, found on Google Play, enables consumers (who can buy the app for less than 5 USD) to make VoIP calls wherever they have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. What’s more, users can also receive calls on any registered account; this means that they can choose their own VoIP-, SIP compliant provider, as the softphone is not tied to any particular one.

SessionTalk Softphone for Android offers the same feature set as the iOS version that SessionTalk released (iPhone Version 4.5 update available on the Apple iTunes Store) days earlier this month; the update added stability improvements and more features via a flexible Dial Plan.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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