Call Recording Week in Review

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Call Recording Week in Review

June 28, 2014

While the World Cup is taking the global community by storm, there continues to be plenty of other news generating worldwide, and the call recording industry was no exception. So, let’s jump right into some of the call recording highlights in this week’s Week in Review.

Over in the U.K., Hillarys is one of the largest suppliers of blinds, shutters, and curtains. Its massive operation, which handles more than 1.2 million calls every day, is supported by a contact center that holds up to 180 customer service representatives. Business Systems UK, a voice and speech technology solutions company, will be improving the store’s operation of 1,000 field-based sales advisors with its Red Box Recorders Quantify voice recording software. Red Box can sort calls by time and date, and allows for managers to search through calls by phonetic criterion. It also integrates security features such as support for PCI DDS compliance that allows audio recording to pause once a credit card payment screen opens on a representative's computer.

Hopping back across the pond to Aventura, Fla., the European Wax Center has been using call recording on its outbound customer service calls — and some are raising concerns. The European Wax Center started recording outbound customer service calls back in January, using the recordings as appointment confirmation. Ahead of a scheduled appointment, the center makes courtesy reminder calls. These calls begin with “Warning! This call is being recorded!” delivered reportedly by computer before segueing into the call. The issue for those who receive these calls is that the computer-generated warning “sounds like a police dispatcher or other 'official' agency,” as opposed to someone calling to confirm an appointment. Many are afraid to simply hang up on the call, as that may result in the cancellation of the appointment, and thus are essentially forced to allow European Wax Center to record the conversation.

SessionTalk, a U.K.-based developer, develops enterprise VoIP and social networking applications for major telecommunications operators, as well as SIP softphones and custom SIP solutions for mobile platforms. This week, the developer announced that it now includes a call recording feature on its Android SIP Client edition. SessionTalk Android Edition is a SIP VoIP softphone designed for Android handsets. The softphone makes VoIP easy for beginner users with its preconfigured SIP accounts and intuitive user interface.

Meanwhile, Nexidia, which provides customer interaction analytics solutions, released Nexidia Interaction Analytics 11.0 this week. The upgraded version will feature enhancements to the speech analytics technology and applications that will help improve customer interactions. Much like call recording, speech analytics—conducted in real time or using call recordings—help illuminate customer needs as well as any customer service issues that may be holding the contact center back from top-notch performance. Nexidia’s neural phonetic speech analytics provides word-level transcriptions of the audio, a phonetic index and customer sentiment scores, by leveraging advanced neural networks and language models. The result can be used to uncover emerging trends, quantify related phrases and study interactions by topic, based on business logic.

Call recording technology can be seen in just about every industry today, as it can help improve operations and ensure company compliance—even enhance marketing campaigns by unearthing customer analytics data. There is always more news coming out on the subject, so be sure to check back here regularly for all the latest in the call recording space. 

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