Motorola Announces TekSpeech Pro Voice Recognition

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Motorola Announces TekSpeech Pro Voice Recognition

July 18, 2014

This week, Motorola announced its latest voice-driven solution that aims to improve the operations of warehouses and distribution centers. Called TekSpeech Pro, it allows businesses to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that offers speech recognition capabilities in a range of mobile computers.

Picking and replenishment processes can use up to 70 percent of warehouses' operating costs, Motorola points out in its product announcement, and many are turning to handheld computers to boost employee productivity, improve overall business efficiency, and lower fulfillment costs. Motorola further points to its recent study, "Motorola Solutions' Future of Warehousing Survey," that predicts an overall increase through 2019 of multi-modal operation workflows. The study says usage of computer devices and products, such as the TekSpeech Pro, will increase 142 percent in the next five years.

TekSpeech Pro offers companies voice recognition in order to help them go multi-modal. Motorola's handheld computers can use the software directly out of the box and begin recognizing users' voice patterns immediately. The TekSpeech Pro requires no training and is able to detect voice commands that vary in accents and speeds. It is made to integrate with products warehouses already have installed, such as warehouse management systems and enterprise resource planning systems.

Pickers should be able to utilize their handheld computers to interface with a central control unit that will extend to them the names and locations of products. They can easily explain any commands they need to make with respect to their assigned products or duties without needing to take their hands or eyes off their work.

Similarly, anyone stocking inventory inside a warehouse can find himself able to communicate with his computer while lifting boxes and transporting goods either by hand or with the use of a forklift or dolly. Managers seeking to make changes to the system can also use TekSpeech Pro to interact with central servers to change business operating modes, start up and shut down various workflows, and issue commands to groups or individual employees.

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