Empirix Gives Enterprises an Edge with its Conference Monitoring Tool

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Empirix Gives Enterprises an Edge with its Conference Monitoring Tool

July 25, 2014

Audio conferencing has come of age, and companies looking to increase productivity are using conference bridges to connect people across time zones and geographical barriers. But these bridges really don't serve enterprises and providers if they cannot give a smooth customer experience. Empirix has launched what is touted to be a ‘first-of-its-kind conference bridge monitoring application’ that will hopefully ensure trouble-free conferences.

The Empirix Conference Bridge Monitoring solution provides a single, intelligent dashboard that ensures effective collaboration across an enterprise network. It verifies conference server availability, performance, uptime and participants’ voice quality, and provides network operations staff with active, real-time performance alerts and passive monitoring of network data.

The solution automatically sets up conference bridges of up to eight participants, dials into the conference, and plays audio clips. While this is happening, another scene is being played out on the other side of the bridge. Audio is captured and evaluated for degradation. It measures the voice quality of participants and provides deep insight into actual user experience by delivering critical information for voice quality and performance.

Dashboard alarms are set to signal quality problems. Network operators can thus pinpoint if a specific phone number, carrier, location, or conference bridge server is having a problem.

Typically, standard monitoring tools monitor network data feeds, assess packet flow and number of calls using the bridge. The Empirix solution however uses the customer experience as the baseline, and replicates what the users hear during conference calls to assess network performance and quality. In fact, the heart of the Empirix monitoring solution’s capabilities is its voice-based testing model.

“Companies conduct billions of dollars of business over conference bridges. Our Conference Bridge Monitoring Solution provides the quality and reliability assurances they expect for such an important business tool,” said John D’Anna, CEO at Empirix.

The Empirix conference bridge monitoring solution can work as a stand-alone solution or integrate with existing network management infrastructures.

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