Call Recording Week in Review

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Call Recording Week in Review

July 26, 2014

What an enlightening week in the world of call recording. Along with an exciting new product announcement from the folks over at Empirix, two of TMC’s favorite contributors shed some much needed light on the world of call recording intelligence, both voluntary and involuntary gathered. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

First up this week, we had Steve Anderson who, along with a recent report from Business 2 Business Community, illuminated the imperative nature of customer feedback for small and large business’ alike.

While obvious is the fact that unhappy customers don’t stay customers for long, not always so obvious is how to nurture and maintain a happy customer base.  For this reason, businesses don’t just need customer opinion; they need absolutely unbiased perspective, as bias only proves to taint survey results. This is not to say, however, that unbiased perspective from surveys and think tanks should be a company’s controlling factor, rather they should serve as guidance in the right direction.

Whether customer opinion takes the form of a pat on the back, or a kick in the butt, the main theme to take away here is in its vitality.

Later in the week, Tracey Schelmetic weighed in on the true reasoning behind call centers monitoring customer to employee conversations.  Apparently, while that general recording we’ve all heard has been assuring us that each call is monitored for ‘quality purposes’, the truth of the matter is that law, protection from lawsuits, and customer intelligence mining also play a hand in any given company’s reasoning behind listening in, along with a plethora of other reasons.  Click here to read the rest of Tracey’s article and find out the several other reasons your calls are being monitored, as documented by OrecX.

Last on the list this week (as measured by date) was Mini Swamy’s coverage of Empirix’s new, first-of-its-kind, conference bridge monitoring application. Called the Empirix Conference Bridge Monitoring Solution, this call organizer is able to ensure effective, enterprise network communication, along voice quality and ease-of-use. There is indeed plenty more to say regarding Empirix’s new solution, click here for the particulars.

For more on these or any other stories you may have missed, be sure to check out TMCnet’s Call Recording page.

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