Empirix Reveals Conference Call Clean-Up Application

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Empirix Reveals Conference Call Clean-Up Application

July 30, 2014

When it comes to business connections, it is crucial that corporations be able to connect within their system and externally with efficiency. Empirix, a network performance visibility specialist group, is offering a new program to help meet this goal.

Empirix is now offering services to help small businesses clean up their conference call quality. The company will be launching a conference bridge monitoring application, which will duplicate customers’ conference call experiences and use them as quality measurements.

The functions available on this application are multifold. For one, it will verify server availability, performance, uptime and voice quality through quality and reliability management functions. Call data will be collected through network probes so as to help network operators identify problems stemming from particular phone numbers, carriers, locations or conference bridge servers.

Real-time reporting for key performance indicators (KPIs) are also offered through the application, looking at elements such as call pass/fail and length, hung call metrics, time-to-connect, interactive voice response menus, and participant voice latency and delay. A dashboard alarm can alert management staff to irregularities with KPI.

Empirix CEO John D’Anna said in a statement, “Today, conference calls are how business and collaboration get done. Business travel has decreased making conferencing the norm, and is an essential tool for conducting business. Additionally, network operations teams depend on conferencing as a way of troubleshooting network and communications issues inside a network. Without these critical services, teams are unable to resolve complex problems that require disparate resources to work together."

The new service will play an integral role in helping businesses to establish their connections with efficiency, ease and innovation.

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