NetFortris Intros Dodd-Frank Compliant Unified Communications Solution for Financial Sector

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NetFortris Intros Dodd-Frank Compliant Unified Communications Solution for Financial Sector

August 07, 2014

The world of finance is governed by a set of extremely stringent compliance rules. The communication solutions used in the financial sector are designed to comply with the toughest of external regulations, as well as the companies’ internal policies. NetFortris, a provider of cloud-based voice and data communications solutions, reportedly launched an automatic call recording system that has been designed to meet Dodd-Frank compliance, a regulation that requires financial institutions to have the ability to record and analyze all phone calls related to financial transactions, as to protect both institutions and consumers.

Called “NetFortris Mobile Call Recording and Analytics”, this always-on call recording system supports both mobile and office phones. According NetFortris, this new call recording system is the only Dodd-Frank compliant solution that cannot be disabled by the user.

Another advantage with this call recording and analytic solution is that it is available as a service, and saves on the expenditure relating to installing mobile phone apps or managing an infrastructure. Integrated with the NetFortris Cloud PBX, this solution offers on-demand call recording for VoIP phones.

In a nutshell, NetFortris Mobile Call Recording and Analytics provides financial firms with a cost effective solution for the efficient management of their mission-critical, highly-regulated communications needs, whether calls originate from or include participants on mobile phones.

“The addition of Mobile Call Recording and Analytics gives financial institutions a cost effective solution for meeting regulatory needs without the headache of managing a mobile application or building expensive infrastructure.  Because the solution is available as a service, it can be easily customized for any type or size of enterprise, and can include a variety of services that meet specific customer needs,” vice president of marketing for NetFortris, Karen Salazar, noted in a statement.

Connected to a cellular network, the automatic call recording and analytics services are available all time. The system allows the archiving of all customer interactions, whether they originate from a mobile phone, or include participants who are on a mobile phone. This makes it easy for the company employees to access all recorded conversations irrespective of the call origination. The users simply have to use key words and/or phrases to retrieve the desired conversation, and start analyzing them instantly, using the system. All these help resolve customer disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

However the archiving feature allows for storing the conversation only for a pre-defined retention period. All data is deleted after the expiration date.

Call Recording and Analytics services are divided into three suits of services- NetFortris Enterprise Call Recording and Analytics Plus Mobile, NetFortris Enterprise Call Recording and Analytics and The NetFortris Mobile Only Call Recording and Analytics. Each suit is created to meet specific needs of different sizes of businesses. 

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