SIP Print Joins with US Robotics Partners to Expand into the European Market

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SIP Print Joins with US Robotics Partners to Expand into the European Market

August 22, 2014

Business communications are increasingly going wireless, carried across networks around the world thanks to the borderless nature of the Internet. VoIP is fast replacing traditional phone lines, and as such, IP-based communication tools are becoming necessary for companies across nearly all verticals. Understanding this, SIP Print offers call recording solutions that are easily integrated with pure SIP-based communications systems and support hybrid VoIP systems. These call recording solutions are not only affordable, but also uniquely tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

SIP Print appliances offer easy installation, simple maintenance and operation, and scalability to support the expansion of SMBs, thus being able to grow along with companies that use SIP Print solutions. The company’s SIP call recording systems are also SIP 2.0-compliant and CALEA-compliant.

But while SIP Print’s solutions are available through distributors, resellers and OEMs worldwide, there is always room to grow. This is why SIP Print recently signed a new partnership and distribution deal with US Robotics, a global provider of equipment for data transfer, remote management, broadband backup, point-of-sale, and machine-to-machine functions.

“Having a partner like US Robotics that is known worldwide for its integrated products and services further solidifies the fact that SIP Prints’ products and solutions are needed by dealers and clients looking to secure their business environment,” SIP Print CEO and President Don Palmer told TMC. “We are very proud to have U.S. Robotics as a Partner and providing all of their global dealers with the SIP Print portfolio of SIP/VOIP Call Recording solutions. U.S. Robotics is a giant among giants and is represented by the finest technology business partners globally and we are proud to be a part of their continued efforts to provide the very best products and services to businesses globally.”

The partnership will not only allow SIP Print to extend its global distribution reach, but it also opens up new collaborative opportunities for both SIP Print and US Robotics. US Robotics offers Copper Taps and Fiber Taps with real-time, secure access and monitoring that are totally passive, non-intrusive and invisible to the network, which makes them ideal for critical network devices such as switches, routers and firewalls.

“We at US Robotics are really looking forward to making the most of this new collaboration with SIP Print,” said Steve Pritchard, vice president of US Robotics EMEA. “Together with the SIP Print call recording platform and the USR Network TAPs, we have a unique solution that offers a unique and effective way of making sure that SIP call registration and recording is carried out in a 100 percent effective manner without impact on network performance. We are very enthusiastic that by working actively with SIP Print to make sure all of our and their distributors and value-added resellers understand the benefits of this technical alliance that is a win-win scenario for both our companies.”

With this new partnership, users can expect to see enhanced coverage for all their call recording and monitoring needs around the world. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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