Customers Should Record Calls for Better Service

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Customers Should Record Calls for Better Service

September 03, 2014

One of the most frustrating aspects for many customers is to talk to call center agents because some of these agents tend to be rude and unhelpful. In fact, a study by American Express shows that only two percent of call center agents exceeded the expectations of customers. This number is abysmally low considering that almost every major business offers call support for its customers.

When customer service agents exceed customer expectations only two out of every 100 times, it shows the company simply does not care or wants to turn a blind eye to the poor service. This attitude persists despite the fact that 90 percent of company executives see customer service as a crucial aspect for the future success of its business, according to research conducted by Bain. This is an interesting situation because companies know the importance of customer service and at the same time are unable to take the steps needed to improve the service.

In such a case, the onus falls on the customer to demand a better service. While many strategies have been tried by desperate customers in the past such as escalations and threats, none of them have worked. However, the good news is that there is a new strategy beginning to work for some people. This new strategy is call recording by the customer instead of the call center company.

According to Dave Lieber of, when a customer tells the customer service representative upfront the call is being recorded they tend to get a better quality of service. In his own experience, Lieber found he received refunds faster and the agents were courteous and understanding because they were scared about the recording and the possibility of future implications. Hence, it is a good idea for customers to use the weapon of call recording, irrespective of whether they implement it or not, to force customer service agents to give better service. 

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