Calabrio ONE Cloud Suite Gives Contact Centers New Recording Options

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Calabrio ONE Cloud Suite Gives Contact Centers New Recording Options

October 14, 2016

Call recording in the contact center is a great idea, once all the legal hoops are sufficiently jumped through. Its value as a training tool, as a customer service aid, and even as a protective measure against lawsuits is well-known and often used. Thus, call recording tools have had plenty of refinement over the years, and one of the newest refinements is seen in Calabrio's new Calabrio ONE, a multi-tenant system geared toward the contact center.

Calabrio rolled out the new system at its annual customer conference, offering those contact centers that have gone multichannel—a development many customers both approve of and actively wish for—a way to bring out workforce optimization tools to the cloud, or in a hybrid capacity, letting users better access such tools even on non-phone channels. With call recording tools on center stage, there are other systems in place as well, like quality management and analytics tools with a voice-of-the-customer focus. All of these together can bring a better customer experience to the table and help ensure customers come back.

Further improvements in Calabrio ONE include an active/active architecture which helps provide the most uptime, along with several tools related to Amazon functions like the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Services system, S-3 Storage and Relational Database Services. Plus, there's a grid computing system to allow for larger-scale data processing, and since we're talking about a cloud-based system geared toward multichannel operations, that could be quite a bit more data coming in. Other tools like grid computing, Smart Capture systems, and end-to-end multitenancy round out the mix.

Calabrio CEO and president Tom Goodmanson offered comment on the value of keeping to the cloud, saying, “There are tremendous benefits of moving customer and workforce data to the cloud, and we're the first in the industry to build an end-to-end multitenant, ACD (automatic call distributor)-agnostic platform to make the transition to the cloud as easy as possible, whenever customers are ready.”

Thus the Calabrio system is specifically gearing itself toward addressing common issues found in cloud-based operations, giving contact centers that have made the clearly customer-focused move to offer more contact channels a means to take advantage of these. It's great to offer Web chat and text messaging and social media options, but if the produce of these channels can't be considered in future planning, then what point in having these channels? They accommodate customer desire today, but they can't have much impact on tomorrow.

In the end, Calabrio is offering a system that allows businesses to take fullest advantage of the multichannel approach to customer contact. It's great to offer a multichannel access, but bringing the recording and analytics tools into play to make that multichannel access fuel future change is even better.

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