Call Recording Week in Review: Dubber, Peak UpTime, TelStrat

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Call Recording Week in Review: Dubber, Peak UpTime, TelStrat

December 10, 2016

In his piece about Dubber this week, contributing writer Steve Anderson said demand in the U.S. for call recording solutions “is positively blistering”. That, he indicated, helps explain why billionaire Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Investments is interested in this relatively small business.

The firm recently participated in $6.3 million in funding that Dubber received, noted Anderson. “This capital raising provides the ability for Dubber to expand and execute its business plan to include the U.S., where demand appears very encouraging,” Waislitz commented.

Indeed. As Anderson also reported this week, automatic call recording is becoming increasingly popular. Some of these solutions are multi-faceted, he added, with extra features such as spam call blockers and the ability to search for certain phone numbers.

“The popularity is due to all the standard reasons; whether it's to use as evidence in legal proceedings later on or just as a way to refer back to the details of a call to pick up something missed or forgotten, all the standard reasons to use call recording are in place,” wrote Anderson. “South Korea even generated one of the biggest reasons to have call recording: to protect against government corruption.”

Elsewhere on the Call Recording frontier this week, we learned about a new partnership between Peak UpTime and TelStrat. Editor Alicia Young explained that the two companies are collaborating to deliver call recording and workforce optimization solutions through Peak UpTime’s Peak Elevate cloud managed service. TelStrat brings its Engage WFO SaaS to the table in this scenario.

“As a channel-centric organization, TelStrat’s focus is helping partners succeed, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility, responsiveness, and innovation,” said Mike Berlin, senior vice president of global sales and business development for TelStrat. “We look forward to working with Peak to meet customers’ needs for compliance recording and customer contact center workforce optimization.”

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