Altru Taps TelStrat for Call Recording

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Altru Taps TelStrat for Call Recording

December 13, 2016

There are some markets that require call recording tools as a matter of established law. That's hard to get around, really, and considering the value of call recording, healthcare operations should be eager to bring this system in even if it weren't required. Thus, when looking for a new call recording solution that also offered workforce optimization (WFO) options, Altru Health System turned to TelStrat and its Engage WFO system.

Altru has had a need to record calls for some time now, not just for the legal requirement but also for the value it can generate in customer service and call center agent training. While it had such a system in place, reports suggest that it wasn't quite doing the job that it needed to do, and as Altru grew, the problems with the system only got worse. Given that Altru represents over 4,000 healthcare providers and serves a region of over 200,000 people total, it's clear that Altru needed specialist systems to take care of that level of demand.

That in turn led Altru to TelStrat, and with some help from High Point Networks, Altru brought in TelStrat's Engage WFO call recording tools, complete with HIPAA-compliant encryption systems. Since Engage WFO works on a combination of an internal application server and a virtualized database server it links to, the end result is a powerhouse system that can store all call recordings for 60 days. Given that there are around 100 agents working the Patient Access switchboard as well as nursing line stations, Altru needed something that could keep up with that level of use. Altru actually recently expanded operations and can now accommodate as many as 150 agents at a time. This made onboarding new agents an easier practice as well, and delivered some other great results.

With systems like these in place, not only can healthcare operations better live up to the expectation of laws like HIPAA, but also, these organizations can provide better customer experiences as well. While that's a little less important than it is in, say, retail, a proper customer experience does help keep users coming back, along with things like “this is the only (fill in the blank) specialist for 50 miles.” A proper call recording system allows businesses to point out flaws in agents' performance and, when used correctly, helps agents improve and deliver more value.

Improving customer experience is a good way to get customers coming back, and healthcare operations are no different. Altru's use of Engage WFO should go a long way toward improving customer experience, thanks to a little help from call recording systems.

Edited by Alicia Young

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