Hosted VoIP Delivers Many Business Benefits

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Hosted VoIP Delivers Many Business Benefits

December 15, 2016

The world is moving to the cloud in an effort to make things more scalable and to pay for services on a recurring rather than an upfront basis. Meanwhile, VoIP technology has been around a good long time, so it is a proven technology at this point, and one that brings with it better integration and price points than traditional PSTN-based solutions.

Nonetheless, many businesses continue to stick with their traditional PBX systems. For those that are now considering making a change to their businesses communications solutions, let’s do a quick review of why hosted VoIP solutions are worthy of some serious consideration.

“VoIP quality is quite impressive, and everything is managed in the cloud,” TieTechnology suggested in a statement it issued yesterday. “Companies are benefiting from not having to spend precious capital on equipment setup and maintenance.”

The company goes on to note the integration, productivity features, ease of movement and management, and simple setup that hosted VoIP solutions can bring to the table. (Call recording is among the productivity features and compliance requirements that can come along for the ride.)

“Companies are switching to VoIP more than ever because it offers a robust suite of features that greatly help to improve productivity,” the company says. “Enterprise businesses enjoy call forwarding, call waiting, call routing, call recording, video and voice conferencing, and voicemail. Phone numbers and extensions are managed by team members and managers through one user-friendly platform. This provides better communications, improves collaboration, and offers better customer experience, at a lower operating cost.”

Adds, moves, and changes are also quick and easy with VoIP. And because VoIP is based on the same IP technology as other communications channels, companies can leverage solutions using it to access and manage a variety of communications types, including email, chat, fax, instant messages, voice, and voicemail. 

The market for VoIP services is expected to expand from $94 billion this year to nearly $195 billion by 2020, according to Persistence Market Research.

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