Score Big with Contact Center Call Recording

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Score Big with Contact Center Call Recording

May 08, 2017

He shoots…he scores! That’s right, it’s NHL playoff time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t SCORE big in the contact center as well. Contact centers serve as the front lines in customer service – from healthcare to retail. Delivering on customer expectations can seem a herculean task, but with the proper tools in place, there is no reason a contact center can’t grab the puck, break for open ice and score the game winner.

In order to provide the best of the best in customer experience from an agent’s perspective there’s a little work required, but don’t fret, voice recording solutions can empower operations to new heights. Let’s use Atmos PLUS as an example. The CallCabinet, Software as a Service Voice Recording system is transforming the call recording model, allow me to explain.

Atmos PLUS is an add-on to the Atmos Cloud-Based Voice Recording software that offers management and contact center agents actionable insight to improve performance. By enabling the ability to review conversations and screen captures, agents can earn a score based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – which are completely customizable.

Best practice post deployment is to begin by modifying the standard scoring templates provided to better suit your needs. A user friendly graphical interface allows management to craft questions based on the selected KPIs, and score agents on performance. For example, how did they greet the customer, did they clarify the customer’s question, did they answer the question, etc. Management can create a matrix of questions related to how the questions are answered, or simply move on to new KPI questions. The scorecard is quite easy to create, as a graphic interface should limit setup to the neighborhood of 10 minutes.

Another area of personalization is screen capture, allowing management to view what screens agents are using during calls, and allowing the capture to be pieced together to match up with the recording to offer a complete picture of an interaction.

When reviewing call recordings, agents can include Agent Notes – any specific issues or details from the call, for instance – which cannot be deleted or modified. Agent Notes are instantly time and date stamped, and include agent login as well. Supervisor Notes, on the other hand, can add to the Agent Notes, but appear on a different line of the interface.

So you’ve satisfied customer after customer, what about compliance? With Atmos PLUS, the PCI compliance module will mute or redact any customer credit information provided over the call, adhering to compliance standards.

Part in parcel with the cloud and SaaS craze are new payment models. CallCabinet’s Atmos PLUS is has been designed specifically for this concept, as contact centers are charged first by number of agents and supervisors, then the monthly license scales with your storage and recording needs.

Compliance and quality management are mission critical to the contact center. Ensuring operations are up to snuff in your customer service branch is a necessity, and selecting an appropriate call recording solution is a good first step.

 It is a revolutionary time in the contact center and call recording, are you ready to join? 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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