Call Recording Integral to Agent Training

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Call Recording Integral to Agent Training

May 08, 2017

Call recording in the contact center is a concept we’re all familiar with. Anyone who’s ever called a center has likely been subject to the “This call may be recorded…” automated message that plays at the beginning of each call. By not hanging up, the customer is consenting to having their call recorded. The question is, though, what are those call recordings used for? As it turns out, there are a number of uses, including agent training and problem solving.

When it comes to training new call center agents, managers have to come up with creative ideas. Agents far outnumber managers, so it’s impossible for managers to be on every single phone call a new agent takes. Sure, there are traditional training methods like acting out a call or reading from a script to fall back on, but those aren’t the same as having an actual interaction with a customer. Plus, reading from a script only teaches agents the words they’re supposed to say in certain scenarios. That has nothing to do with the way those words are delivered, which is just as important. Tone is one of the key elements that can make or break the success of a customer service call, and the only way for agents to gauge that is by hearing themselves.

That’s where call recording software comes into play. Managers can record conversations of both new and veteran agents for training purposes. By playing back the audio, they can instruct agents on how to improve. For example, maybe one agent doesn’t sound overly enthusiastic when he says that he’d love to help a customer figure out the problem. Or maybe another agent unintentionally sounds judgmental when giving troubleshooting advice. These are all easy mistakes for an agent to make after they’ve been answering calls all day but, nevertheless, they’re the kinds of mistakes that could turn a customer off from the company as a whole.

A single bad interaction with a company has been known to make customers bring their business elsewhere. That’s the absolute last thing a customer service agent should want. Luckily, thanks to call recording software, contact center managers can playback recordings to help educate agents on what they’re doing well, and where they can improve. Whether training new agents or doing quality checks on veterans, call recording software is one of the best way to ensure a call center is operating at its best.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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