Call Recording's New 10,000 Seat Milestone Emerges

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Call Recording's New 10,000 Seat Milestone Emerges

May 17, 2017

Exciting news for SIP Print Group recently emerged as the company completed a major new milestone in the call recording market. The company recently established its 10,000th call recording seat with its Allworx system, an achievement that's been around a decade in the making. This isn't the end for SIP Print Group, though, as reports suggest it's already planning to build on that advance.

Already recognized as one of the leading faces in the call recording market, SIP Print Group got that way by offering a simple, easy to use appliance that offers complete, system-wide voice recording capabilities. That's an advance few companies were interested in turning down, and as companies increasingly look to call recording to address issues of training, turnover, customer service and regulatory compliance, SIP Print Group will likely be out in front in providing.

One of SIP Print's biggest advantages is that it works well with so many Allworx products. Immediately compatible with the Allworx Connect platform, including several different servers, as well as Allworx legacy systems along with Allworx Phone models, most any Allworx system will work well with SIP Print's call recording mechanisms.

Word from Kb Data—SIP Print's longstanding partner in the field—via its president of sales Greg Stiff notes, “Unified Communications is an ever-advancing industry. And it can be challenge for companies to stay up-to-date on the latest solutions that can improve, grow and drive their business. At Kb Data, we are committed to being our clients trusted advisor, ensuring the adoption of the right technology to meet their corporate goals.  That’s one of the main reasons we’ve been strategic partners with SIP Print for so long.”

Call recording, despite the many legal issues and other caveats surrounding the field, has long been a valuable part of operations. In fact, by some reckoning, the fact that there are so many legalities around its use just confirms its overall value; we're talking about a system so powerful its use is regulated at the state and federal level. With value for customer service and retention, for addressing matters of regulation, for training new employees and helping to keep these in place longer, call recording delivers a lot of value, and SIP Print Group is one of the leading forces here. Ten thousand seats' worth of users can't be that far wrong.

It's a safe bet that SIP Print Group will continue to deliver value in this market for some time to come. It's already brought plenty to its current users, and with call recording only improving in perceived value, the end result is likely more seats going to SIP Print Group. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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