CallCabinet Announces Interoperability with Atmos and BroadWorks

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CallCabinet Announces Interoperability with Atmos and BroadWorks

May 18, 2017

Call recording is reveling in the cloud era. Moving from simply being a “nice” feature to a necessity, today’s cloud-based call recording solutions enable quality assurance and compliance, utilize analytics to offer actionable insight and are capable of transforming operations, at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. As a requirement, exceptional call recording solutions are the belle of the ball, working with contact center, UC and collaboration tool providers to ensure interoperability and adhere to compliance standards.

The most recent chapter in this narrative comes from Broadsoft and CallCabinet, as the two announced successful interoperability testing on the BroadSoft BroadWorks Release 22.0 and CallCabinet’s Atmos 1.0. Now telcos and businesses can integrate Atmos into their BroadSoft deployments, and take advantage of the SaaS savings in addition to workforce optimization, compliant and secure call recordings.

“The integration of Atmos with BroadSoft opens a whole new chapter in call recording; no longer does the customer have to invest in expensive systems that are hard configured with user and channel numbers…Through Atmos, telcos can offer a 'pay as you go' package on their BroadWorks systems, making it easier for companies to start small and expand their call recording as needed,” noted Ryan Kahan, CEO of CallCabinet.

Also to keep in mind, Atmos PLUS, which brings an a la carte offering to telcos and ITSPs, empowering employee evaluations, training, agent screen capture and compliance support. The cloud-based offering is feature rich and a value-add to the contact center, and beyond.

And, CallCabinet’s global server presence promises that local regulations are followed to the ‘T’ – from data sovereignty to legal requirements, Atmos covers the bases so you don’t have to.

As the pairing embarks on its newly minted interoperability, BroadSoft customers, telcos and resellers have access to a limited time incentive program from CallCabinet.

Kahan continued, “Atmos is a disruptive technology that makes it affordable to record and analyze calls in any configuration. In addition, Atmos makes it easy for contact centers to manage their call recording needs as agent counts grow and shrink according to seasonal business.”

Cloud-based call recording allows levels of flexibility and scale, unlike legacy solutions. The cloud era enables high-performing, cost-cutting solutions that serve to aid in operations. The power of the cloud compels you!

What call recording solution are you using?

Edited by Alicia Young

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