CallMiner Eureka Puts Call Recording to Use

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CallMiner Eureka Puts Call Recording to Use

June 08, 2017

The value of call recording has long been known to the business community, and it's so valuable that there are laws around its use. If there weren't, likely everyone would be recording every call for potential future use later. While that potential value is important, the real value of call recording comes from actually using the recordings. Some might think that that means playing calls back during court proceedings, but it can mean a lot more than that, and CallMiner's new CallMiner Eureka shows us how.

CallMiner Eureka is a speech analytics system geared toward taking call recordings and using them as fodder in analysis to find patterns, discover issues within the call center itself, and more. With over 60 percent of call centers in the United States not currently using a speech analytics tool, that represents a lot of companies that stand to gain in grand style with the proper use of call recording and analytics.

To help in driving that value, CallMiner recently brought out another tool to help in a return on investment (ROI) calculator that will help users address issues of business case and show just what kind of return a call analysis system can bring forward. That can be challenging, but with such a tool in place, the job just got that much easier.

The ROI Calculator, as it's known, allows users to use current data—call and labor inputs—or use provided averages instead. Then, similar measures are used for areas of potential improvement, from quality assurance monitoring to various efficiency metrics like average call time or first-call resolution percentages. Then, the tool can calculate ROI not just for the area desired, but for the entire system.

Results so far are proving worth closer examination even without the ROI Calculator; Real Time Resolutions lowered after-call work by 62 percent, and average handle time by 60 percent. TradeGlobal gained efficiency and improved agent performance, and Bluegreen Vacations reported sales performance up 48 percent.

None of this could have happened without call recording. Serving as the source of basic informational fodder that an analytics tool can use for better success, call recording generates the necessary information from which patterns can be derived and actionable insights be put to use accordingly. Such insights then form the necessary platform from which expenses can be cut, performance can be improved, and an organization can be made better.

Improvements don't just magically appear. These are the results of extensive analysis and delivering support where a problem is taking place. CallMiner is just smoothing the way for improvement to happen.

Edited by Alicia Young

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