How Call Recording Pays Dividends

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How Call Recording Pays Dividends

June 09, 2017

Call recording in the contact center has a wide variety of benefits.

That includes benefits that help organizations better meet the needs of customers. And it includes things that enable organizations to meet their own internal requirements.

Call recording can help with workforce optimization. Specifically, it can assist in contact center agent training by enabling agents and their managers to record and revisit conversations to see what went right and where things could use improvement.

These call recordings also can be used to help businesses uncover insight on their customers. That can help organizations figure out how to improve customer service specifically. And these call records can be reviewed by businesses as they create their product roadmaps for the future, deciding what solutions to introduce, enhance, and improve – and how.

All of the above can help a business improve the customer service it delivers and to be more responsive to marketplace needs in general.

But the benefits of call recording in the contact center don’t end there.

Contact center call recording also enables organizations to:

  • keep records for posterity and (legal) protection,
  • measure the success of initiatives such as specific campaigns and promotions, and
  • support their compliance efforts.

To the last point, call recording solutions can enable the organizations that use them to record interactions in their entirety. And some solutions ensure that only the parts of calls that are allowed to be captured under relevant laws and regulations are captured.

Given all these benefits, it’s meaningful to note that recording calls no longer is the sole domain of large enterprises. With cloud-based recording services and the rise of VoIP, which makes recording calls easier than ever, businesses of all sizes now have the option of call recording.

Additionally, speech analytics can take call recording capabilities, and the call center in general, to the next level by helping identify interactions that may require special consideration.

Speech analytics can help prevent compliance issues by alerting contact center managers of keywords and phrases used during calls that can send up a red flag. That way, contact center managers can listen in and, if needed, take the necessary steps immediately to get things on the right track. It also helps contact centers quickly locate calls that may have involved agent misinformation, debtor complaints, or other factors that can impact adherence and compliance. 

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