Skype for Business Gets Call Recording Boost with Atmos Skype

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Skype for Business Gets Call Recording Boost with Atmos Skype

June 13, 2017

As call recording has evolved from nicety to necessity, much of the jockeying in the market today is about interoperability. Because so many providers of contact center or collaboration solutions do not offer call recording as an option, it is mission critical to create a complete, compliant product offering for communication needs. Take Skype for Business, for example. This collaboration tool empowers collaboration but requires a robust cloud-based call recording solution.

Enter stage right: CallCabinet. Today, the provider of cloud-based call recording solutions and Microsoft independent software vendor partner announced Atmos Skype for Business Client, powered by Microsoft Azure. The windows desktop-based client can monitor and record all traffic and communications on Skype for Business, ensuring compliance and quality assurance.

CallCabinet CEO Ryan Kahan noted, “We've seen massive success with our Atmos for Skype for Business product thus far, proving local companies are beginning to understand not only how important call recording is, but also that ensuring call recording complies with stated country-specific regulations is equally as important.”

With changes in legislation, it can prove a herculean task to keep up with compliance legislation and regulations in general. Thankfully Atmos does all the heavy lifting for you.

Kahan continued to explain, “Compliant call recording is not just about keeping track of staff performance; it goes far beyond that. It can assist you in resolution dispute and prevent reputational and brand damage, and as such, is vital to your business's safety.”

Per Kahan, Skype for Business customers can now benefit from a solution integrated into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, allowing for optimal performance potential. This translates into an affordable SaaSy reality of call recording, retrieval and storage. Because Atoms was developed on Azure, all the accoutrement of Azure comes with it, including database services, Web services and enterprise-grade security. Azure and CallCabinet work in tandem to get the high-performing and service rich Atmos to market at a fraction of the cost of on-premises solutions – literally putting the power of on-premises in the cloud.

James Skay, senior product marketing manager, Skype for Business Developer Platform, Microsoft Corp. exclaimed, “We are pleased to see CallCabinet's commitment to Microsoft. With the new capability provided by Atmos, CallCabinet is bringing innovative solutions to our customers using Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365.”

From quality assurance and customer service, to PCI and HIPAA compliance, there is much fruit to bear from a robust call recording solution. So, I have to ask. Have a call recording solution in place for your Skype for Business users? If the answer is no, it’s time.

Edited by Alicia Young

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