NGD Hosts TeleWare Cloud-based Call Recording Service

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NGD Hosts TeleWare Cloud-based Call Recording Service

June 14, 2017

Call recording has been evolving along with the innovations we see today in digital technology. Service providers now offer solutions to address the specific needs of different industries and the regulatory compliances in which they have to abide by with hosted or on premises platforms. For TeleWare, which develops solutions for improving how organizations analyze, route and record their communications, moving to the cloud is another part of the evolution in order to deliver real-time or near real-time options and increased capacity.

TeleWare has selected Next Generation Data (NGD) to host its cloud-based call recording service in its flagship 750,000 sq. ft. data center in the UK. The new Cloud Call platform developed by TeleWare is, according to the company, the first of its kind in the world.

The racks that have been installed at NGD can store more than 35,000 minutes of voice call recordings per day in the public cloud. These recordings can be accessed at any time by authorized personnel for audits, compliance monitoring and litigation, as well as improving workforce optimization for training and monitoring.

The recordings are stored with advanced encryption so only authorized individuals can access them. This type security is also part of the compliance for industries in healthcare, finance and others that store personal and sensitive information about their customers.

“We are delighted to be supporting TeleWare with the seamless delivery of their ground-breaking Cloud Call platform. This is a further example of an international service provider organization recognizing the value of NGD’s secure, resilient hybrid cloud infrastructure and low latency connectivity,” said Steve Davis, NGD’s marketing director.

The TeleWare technology can be part of a call center solution, but it can also help non-contact center teams archive the entire customer journey or selected areas of customer interactions. The cloud call recording can record inbound and outbound conversations no matter where employees are located. The recording can then be stored indefinitely depending on the needs and requirements of the compliance that governs the industry.

TeleWare can record different types of communication technologies used by consumers, including fixed-line, mobile, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and SMS. In addition to regulatory compliances, call recording is now used to improve the customer experience. Every interaction with a customer can be recorded and used to provide valuable insights for making informed decisions. 

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