Call Recording Week in Review: CallCabinet, Skype for Business, VoiceBase & More

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Call Recording Week in Review: CallCabinet, Skype for Business, VoiceBase & More

June 17, 2017

Quality monitoring, training and compliance are just a few of the reasons why organizations are flocking to call recoding solutions. This modern necessity adds invaluable insight and protection for firms of all shapes and sizes. So, with the weekend upon us, there’s no better time than the present to take a look back at the week that was in call recording news: Time for the Week in Review!

Skype for Business is the collaboration tool of choice for many organizations, and this week a new integration was announced that empowers users with the ability to put Atmos to work for call recording needs. CallCabinet CEO Ryan Kahan noted, “We've seen massive success with our Atmos for Skype for Business product thus far, proving local companies are beginning to understand not only how important call recording is, but also that ensuring call recording complies with stated country-specific regulations is equally as important.” This cloud-based call recording solution is feature-rich, future-forward and covers all the bases. Everything you need to know is HERE.

Also in the news this week, TeleWare announced the selection of Next Generation Data (NGD) to host its cloud-based call recording service. “We are delighted to be supporting TeleWare with the seamless delivery of their ground-breaking Cloud Call platform. This is a further example of an international service provider organization recognizing the value of NGD’s secure, resilient hybrid cloud infrastructure and low latency connectivity,” said Steve Davis, NGD’s marketing director. TMC’s Frank Griffin offers all the details HERE.

Regulations and compliance standards are serving to drive call recording solution adoption, and this week TMC’s Paula Bernier delved into UK call recording laws. Bernier offers insight and analysis of how Britain-based businesses navigate call recording legislation – specifically the Data Protection Act of 1998. Find Bernier’s complete report HERE.

Speaking of compliance, this week, VoiceBase announced that its PCI Detection and Redaction features are now compliant with version 3.2 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. “VoiceBase’s completion of the PCI DSS Level 1 certification illustrates our dedication to ensuring that we provide a secure and reliable speech analytics processing environment for our customers’ critical business applications,” said Walter Bachtiger, founder and CEO VoiceBase. “We process massive amounts of PCI sensitive data across various industries, and are committed to meeting a wide range of regulatory requirements.” Full coverage is HERE.

Remember to stop by early and often for all of your call recording news! See you next week!

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