SIP Call Monitoring and Call Recording for Business Success

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SIP Call Monitoring and Call Recording for Business Success

March 18, 2009

Despite the best intentions of systems integrators, equipment vendors, and service providers — not to mention IT staff within businesses — the planning that goes into migrating to a VoIP solution cannot always predict prefect performance of communications networks. There are simply too many variables.
This means that businesses must protect their investments — their communications network is, after all, their primary lifeline — by also using effective network monitoring solutions that can identify and troubleshoot network issues, ideally before they become noticeable by users.
Of course, with today’s economy, the added benefit of cost savings are almost a must as well, which is what Dotcom-Monitor says it offers with its hosted network monitoring services. In addition to its other monitoring solutions — including video streaming, email, Web services, and other infrastructure monitoring options, Dotcom-Monitor has now added VoIP monitoring to its capabilities — a vital part of being able to offer a complete network monitoring solution to today’s businesses.
More specifically, Dotcom-Monitor’s solution focuses on SIP-based VoIP solutions. SIP, of course, has become the dominant signaling protocol for VoIP calls — if you have any doubt, ask anyone who has attended the SIP Trunking workshops at ITEXPO or has presented a SIP Trunking Webinar with TMCnet — they are some of the best attended events in the IP Communications industry, and they are only an indication of the proliferation of SIP-based communications in the business communications space. SIP
The new SIP monitoring service works by placing live SIP calls to VoIP endpoints, enabling the system to deliver real-time monitoring, alerts, and performance reports regarding SIP component connectivity. If a problem or inconsistency in detected, the system sends an alert — via phone, page, email, or SMS — to the appropriate IT resources, who can then act quickly and decisively to resolve the issue. Network status data is also easily accessible via a Web-based interface that provides the detail required to identify the source of an error. Reporting capabilities are also included, allowing easy management of SLAs and network component management and configuration.
Specifically focused on the SMB market, which can afford little added burden on already small IT staff, the Dotcom-Monitor solution is easily configured for use with either an on-premises of hosted IP PBX solution.
“As the VoIP ecosystem continues to grow in scope and complexity the need for simple and affordable SIP monitoring has never been greater,” noted Jonathan Fuld, CTO of SIP Print. 
Fuld adds that SMBs — in fact, any cost- and quality-conscious businesses — would be wise to look into a hosted monitoring solution for their SIP-based environments. Indeed, though it is an ideal alternative for the SMB market, larger enterprises and even service providers are in the market for solutions that can minimize the burden on their IT departments.
With the solution, service providers can monitor their VoIP infrastructures; VoIP wholesalers can monitor service provider connectivity and reliability; and VoIP VARs and managed service providers can help ensure client uptime and revenue.

Fuld’s company, SIP Print, offers another SIP-based solution that can help SMBs drive business success. Its SIP-based call recording appliance, designed for businesses with up 200 seats — though larger enterprises can stack multiple appliances and still achieve the cost effectiveness of the SIP Print solution — allows pure system-level SIP voice recording of not only deskphones, but also voice mails and even find me/follow me calls directed to wireless devices.
Business with a notion to thrive, or even survive, in the current recessionary economy, must implement a three-pronged approach to their operations. They must be cost conscious, more than ever; they have to ensure the reliability of their communications infrastructures; and they must instill a driving desire to excel in their staff. The solutions from Dotcom-Monitor and SIP Print collectively address all three needs.
According to SIP Print CEO Don Palmer, “The companies that typically survive a downturn like this are the ones that pay extraordinary attention to quality and customer service and make a name for themselves in those arenas.”
With a SIP-based monitoring solution like Dotcom-Monitor and a call recording solution like SIP Print — which won Best of Show awards at both ITEXPO West 2008 in Los Angeles and ITEXPO East 2009 in Miami — SMBs and larger enterprises that have already switched or are considering switching to a SIP-based VoIP solution have even greater incentive to do so. As for the service provider community, patience, your day is coming too. SIP Print has a product to meet your needs on the way.
As Palmer says, “There is no better time than a slowdown to implement a new technology and integrate it with your strategies and operations.”

He's right.  Addressing quality issues now will only create a sustainable business now, but will put it ahead of competitors that are merely hoping to limp through this period and make changes later.

Erik Linask is Group Managing Editor of TMCnet, which brings news and compelling feature articles, podcasts, and videos to nearly 3,000,000 visitors each month. To see more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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