SafeNet Partners with TantaComm for Call Center Secure Data Solution

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SafeNet Partners with TantaComm for Call Center Secure Data Solution

April 30, 2009

SafeNet, a provider of information security has just signed a partnership agreement with TantaComm, a provider of contact center recording and management products.
This partnership, as stated by the companies, was initiated to create an audio file and database encryption solution that can help call centers handling cardholder data to become PCI compliant.
"SafeNet and TantaComm's single data encryption solution reduces the cost and complexity of PCI compliance and ensures that stored cardholder information from call centers is secured," said Derek Tumulak, vice president, product management, SafeNet.
"From the database to file servers and endpoint devices, at no point in time does data exist in a non-encrypted state with our combined technologies."
TantaComm Recording Platform is claimed by the company to offer the recording software and computer telephony integration necessary to accomplish the task reliably and with minimum user involvement. 
The TantaComm Total Call Recording Platform is a modular system of customizable recording and computer telephony integration products and is specifically engineered to integrate with any analog, digital, or VoIP telephone system for a flexible and powerful call recording system.
TantaComm claims that its DartServer is the backbone of both the Quality Assurance Recording Platform and the Total Call Recording Platform.
According to both the companies, protecting stored voice and screen recordings of cardholder data is one of the toughest compliance challenges call centers face under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
As voice data is recorded, TantaComm's Dartserver software generates a key which is sent to SafeNet DataSecure for encryption.
The encrypted key is then returned to the Dartserver and stored in the media file along with the encrypted media. When the data is played back, the authorized user retrieves the encrypted file from a central media storage using the playback application which then decrypts the media on the fly.
"It's a highly secure solution, but what's equally impressive about it is its cost efficiency and ease of deployment," said Ginney McAdams, vice president, Business Development at TantaComm.
"It can be implemented in a call center already using TantaComm's Auditor recording solution which eliminates the need to replace the base hardware. In addition, multiple recording servers can be attached to a single SafeNet DataSecure appliance which allows up to 11,000 keys to be encrypted simultaneously, enabling a true enterprise solution."
TantaComm currently offers contact center recording and management solutions for both PBX and VoIP platforms, along with a full range of professional services. The company is a Cisco Technology Developer Partner, and a member of the Avaya Developer Connection program.

Anshu Shrivastava is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Anshu’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

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