Ericsson Poland Furnishes CTI Group's Hosted Call Recording Solution to one of its Telco Customers

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Ericsson Poland Furnishes CTI Group's Hosted Call Recording Solution to one of its Telco Customers

September 16, 2009

As per a reseller deal between the two companies, Ericsson Poland is reportedly furnishing CTI Group’s hosted call recording solution to one of its customers, an unnamed Eastern European telco.
According to a company press release, the Polish telco will use CTI Group’s SmartRecord IP v2.0 to record telephone conversations on its new hosted call center platform. In so doing the telco will be able to more easily meet regulatory, quality management and legal demands.

The telco reportedly selected the hosted solution as an alternative to deploying multiple premises-based recorders. By going with a hosted call recording solution the telco has gained centralized management of all call recording across all locations. That means it can more easily archive recordings for compliancy purposes – as well as carry out advanced functions such as speech analytics, which lets companies “mine” vast volumes of recorded interactions so as to arrive at deep insights into call center agent performance and customer behavior.

Not only can the telco more easily deploy the solution across geographic locations and functionally-diverse centers, it also gains greater scalability for handling peaks in call volume as well as future subscriber growth. What’s more, SmartRecord IP v2.0 is made available on a white label basis, which means the telco can brand the application as its own.

According to the release, the implementation takes advantage of the active recording interface that CTI Group has engineered for BroadSoft's BroadWorks VoIP application platform. The recorder tightly integrates BroadWorks, which ensures that only calls identified for recording are sent to the recorder. This helps conserve precious network resources.

"The Eastern European VoIP market is better established than its Western European equivalent and we are seeing second generation services, such as hosted call recording and call management, being adopted by telcos in that region,” said Andy Wilson, vice president of sales and marketing at CTI Group. “We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this significant development and pleased to see that Ericsson Poland recognizes SmartRecord IP as the preferred solution for meeting the demand for business critical applications to complement the core VoIP service offering."

CTI Group made news earlier this month when it announced that it had teamed with Chicago-based VoIP hosting company Geckotech to provide CTI Group’s ACD call management and call recording solutions to Geckotech’s call center customers.

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