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April 16, 2008

CRM Need 'Eliminated' by Kaleidico's SalesTwit, Kaleidicians Say

By David Sims
TMCnet Contributing Editor, vendors of lead management technology, have announced the release of, a concept for working sales leads in any industry, any language and any country.

By s connecting sales leads from any source -- database, real time Internet leads, spreadsheet, or address book – users can work their leads regardless of location by using any Web, desktop, mobile or wireless tool, according to the company.

The company says SalesTwit has "effectively eliminated the need for a desktop application" by using Twitter, a social networking tool.

"The idea was to remove every barrier to working sales leads by making the interface simple and agile. Users can upload leads from any data source, in any industry, any language, and work them in the Twitter client of their choice," said Bill Rice, CEO of “We have eliminated the need for CRM."

Rice says SalesTwit allows the user to input sales lead data and have it fed to them at a intervals or even allowing the user to request a lead from wherever they may be: "Taking the function a step further, SalesTwit even lets the user create updates and notes on the specific lead, which internally adjusts the frequency at which they will see the lead in the future."

SalesTwit, which uses Twitter's messaging infrastructure for the distribution of lead alerts, allows the user to not only receive updates from friends, family, and connections, but also to intermittently feed leads to wherever they see their Twitter messages.

For example, someone who sells cars at a dealership can be on the lot, actively engaging new business or past clients, right from their mobile phone.'s Vice President of Business Development Keith Burwell said SalesTwit users are going to be the "real estate agents that are on the road most of the day but need to know when a real time lead comes in. They are going to be contractors on job sites who need to know when an Internet customer wants an estimate. This tool breaks down accessibility issues by using existing technology."

Rice said that by using tools such as Twitter and mobile phones, "things that are already commonplace in business, we are eliminating the need for someone to buy any more systems, CRM, or feature heavy applications."

Kaleidico has made SalesTwit a free mobile service, according to company officials, "ensuring that the prevailing expectation of lead providers is that their buyers will be in immediate contact with their leads."

The Kaleidicians announced the launch of this capability within their icoSales lead management product. In partnership with ZipSearch!, a vendor of online mortgage, insurance and other types of lead generation, Kaleidico is offering what company officials describe as "real-time closed-loop feedback" linking specific lead generation campaigns, lead identifiers, and sales results in real-time.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To see more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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